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3 Steps to Make Your Print Pop!

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26 May 2017

3 Steps to Make Your Print Pop!

3 Steps to Make Your Print Pop!

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NEO values itself on being a one stop shop for all your print marketing needs. These past couple of years have seen the biggest capital investment in our company’s history to ensure that we are able to continue providing state of the art technology to our clients. You name it we’ve got it! This month we have a look under the covers at those special embellishments that can separate your print marketing from your competition. 

1. Stock (the technical term for paper)

Your stock choice is the first step in creating something unique. A gloss or matte coated stock or even an uncoated stock, are the questions you’ll be asked when selecting stock. These days many of our clients are ordering their print media on recycled paper.

Newlitho_©Tatjana Plitt-6104 
2. Lamination

This is possibly the simplest choice! Choosing whether or not you would like lamination and if so whether you would prefer a gloss or matte finish. Some brands simply prefer their print without lamination, especially when using recycled stock. Matte Lamination gives the impression of a frosted glass look, there are also a couple of different variants with matte lamination including anti-scuff or even soft touch options. Gloss Lamination adds a shiny coated finish to your print.


3. Now for the cool stuff!!!

Spot UV

In essence Spot UV is a raised print achieved through a thin clear layer of plastic polymer being spread over the print through the use of ultra violet technology. This embellishment can be really effective when used over solid colours. 

Newlitho_©Tatjana Plitt-5429 (1)

Spot UV + Foil

Same process as Spot UV but when a metallic foil (normally gold or silver, but other colours are available) is also applied to the plastic polymer when still hot. Creates a 3D feel where the print literally pops off the paper!


Thermal Foiling

The traditional way of foiling where a dye (stamp) is created with the required design. Pressure is then applied to the dye and the dye goes down onto a foil reel so that the foil is applied to the paper. We’ve found that this foiling technique is incredibly effective with either a simple clean design or the complete opposite!


Embossing/ De Boss

Same process as foiling but when more pressure is applied to the dye. This means that the dye goes deeper into the paper to either make the print go up or down from the page creating a 3D effect. Can also be applied with foil.Newlitho_©Tatjana Plitt-5372 (1)

We are incredibly proud of the products that we are able to provide to our clients which help market real estate and their brands in the best possible light. If you’re interested in bringing that x factor to your print marketing don’t hesitate to get in contact with either your account manager or any of the NEO team on (03) 8809 2500.

Clinton Daley
Key Accounts Analyst