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In the beginning...

New Life Publications was founded in 1938 on Exploration Lane, Melbourne. The company moved to a new factory in Abbotsford in 1959.

A winter's tale

In winter, staff at the Abbotsford factory used a wood heater to warm their lunches. The linotype operators simply heated theirs on the pots of molten lead in their machines.

The milk allowance

Our company chairman began his career melting lead for letterpress machines. Factory workers received a milk allowance, theoretically to prevent lead poisoning.

Changing times

New Life Publications moved to a new Surrey Hills factory in 1970 and became Newlitho in July 1977.

Newlitho becomes Neo

In 2016, Newlitho morphed into Neo.

Est. 1938

Real Estate.

That’s what we’re about.


Building a business takes guts and vision.

Helping great businesses succeed is a worthy thing.

We’re obsessed with real estate.

Neo focuses on how you deliver value, then ensures your vendors and prospects get the message.

We’re shamelessly excited about print.

It’s tactile and memorable. No truly great marketing strategy is complete without it.

We’re experienced.

If we added up the years of experience the Neo team has in printing, real estate and marketing, it would be … a very, very large number.

Neo is a third generation family business.

We know what we’re doing, because we’ve been doing it for a really long time.

But it’s not just about experience.

Combining our expertise with the latest industry thinking leads to mind‑blowing marketing solutions. Pushing boundaries is the only way to truly differentiate your business.

Comfort zones are for suckers.

We love projects that demand creativity, and clients who demand greatness.

How can Neo help you win more listings?
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