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AREC 2017 – What did the NEO team learn?

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28 June 2017

AREC 2017 – What did the NEO team learn?

AREC 2017 – What did the NEO team learn?

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In a nutshell…we learnt that although the real estate sector is filled with many different personalities and theories about what creates success, there are a few common threads which those who have had success all agree on.

The power of having a plan was a constant theme that many speakers emphasized at AREC. We know it’s simple, for most us this has been drilled into us all our life, but the importance of time management especially with the correlation of selling a house and its’ marketing plan is undeniable. Most houses are sold in Australia through Auctions, whereby agents are judged by vendors in their ability to being able to execute a plan that delivers the best possible result. The sheer volumes of properties which the most successful agents handle means that time management is a fundamental requirement not an option for their success.

Bob Wolff from Harcourts Southern California has amassed over $1.2 billion in sales and continues after 44 years to focus on a few key messages. Especially on the “why”, what makes you get out of bed to do what you do? Furthermore, what’s the point in driving a car if you don’t have a destination. Figuring out your “why” will put you in a better position to understand what makes your potential vendor tick and being able to secure that listing. It could be something tangible or something deeper but the power of a dream is undeniable.

As an agent you not only represent your sales team but also your brand as a whole. James Kerr the author of “Legacy”, a book on the culture of New Zealand’s All Blacks emphasized the three overall values which helped create the All Blacks into the most successful sporting team in the world. “Humility, Excellence and Respect” is the basis of the 10 rules which the team aims to live by. Ideologies like “Sweep the Sheds”; being never too big to do the small things which need to be done or being able to “Pass the Ball” to create leaders and nurture characters in your own team.

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For many people, the selling of their house is the largest personal transaction that they will make in their life. Vendors want to feel confident in their agent: simple things like your own presentation can be what swings a potential listing your way. The power of personal connection and relationships were mentioned time and time again.

Although we aim to obtain and deliver perfection for our clients, sometimes life does throw a few curve balls. Handling negatives news is as important an ability as being able to deliver positive news. If you have bad news don’t try and go around the point, get the bad news over with first and then focus on how you are going to resolve the issue, the solution! First impressions do matter but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also focus on that last impression, and finishing your conversation pleasantly will make a difference for further interactions.


NEO doesn’t take the fact that we are the real estate marketer of choice on Australia’s eastern seaboard for granted. Although we’ve transformed a lot in our company’s 79 year history since starting off as a niche Newspaper publisher, there are a few key ideologies which are timeless, “Quality, Innovation and Knowledge.” We believe that it is our responsibility to absorb as much knowledge as possible in order to put us in the position to provide the best possible services to our clients and their brands. Much like being an area expert, the team at NEO are real estate and brand experts. The biggest lessons we learnt from AREC weren’t necessarily complicated business models but reinforced the simple ideas which are often overlooked.

Clinton Daley
Key Accounts Analyst

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