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Case Study

04 Case Study

Harcourts Rebrand Launch Pack

“Unveiling ‘Here We Are’ to the marketplace.”

The Brief

When rolling out their ‘Here We Are’ rebrand in early 2016, Harcourts faced two challenges.

The first; clearly communicating the brand‑building benefits of the revamped brochures and drops. The second: achieving brand consistency by encouraging as many of the 80‑plus Victorian offices as possible to embrace the new material.


Our Solution

Showing, not telling, was the key here. With mere weeks until the anticipated roll‑out, the Neo team developed a Rebrand Launch Pack. Enclosed in a Harcourts branded envelope, each office received a personalised letter and a brochure summarising the benefits of and reasons behind the new look. Supporting these were samples of all the updated material including laminated portrait and landscape brochures, and DL and A6 drops. 

The Result

An overwhelmingly enthusiastic reaction from the offices, and an immediate uptake of the new marketing material by most.

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