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Case Study

03 Case Study

Luxury Property Showcase

“...a selection of the finest homes on the Melbourne market.”

The Brief

Despite its undisputed standing as one of Victoria’s most successful real estate groups, in inner city markets Barry Plant struggled with the mistaken impression of it as a ‘suburban’ brand.

There was a desire to elevate the brand to ensure competitiveness in the prestige marketplace.


Our Solution

The inner‑city office group, operating in a very different market to Barry Plant’s traditional heartland, required a specialised product to solidify the brand’s standing in the high‑end market. And so Maison was born; a luxury product designed to compete with any of the glossy magazines readers might buy in the newsagency.

Each edition showcases the finest listings from each inner‑city office, with high‑concept cover art and premium feature articles covering events, dining, trends and travel.

Much more than a disposable catalog of properties, Maison is designed to take pride of place on the coffee table.

The Result

Immediately embraced by the offices upon its 2014 launch, Maison has also made an impression on the many vendors and buyers who make a point of stopping by their local office to collect each new edition.

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