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Real Estate Awards nights…. What should they stand for?

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28 July 2017

Real Estate Awards nights…. What should they stand for?

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The NEO team earlier this year attended McGrath’s awards night and it made us think, what’s the purpose of these nights? For different brands these nights shine a light on different values. Values which are a representation of what a brand stands for at that moment. Each great brand has a distinct set qualities which make people have a certain emotive reaction when seeing the name of the brand.


McGrath’s awards night this year was about the people which make the McGrath brand what it is, focusing on more personal stories and the human side of the brand rather than simply an agents’ GCI. This was incredibly powerful because offices no matter the size felt that they had a strong purpose to be in that room because of those personal stories. It’s true that results speak for themselves but stories that can create a personal connection, that’s priceless.

For any company no matter the industry it is rare to have an opportunity to have the vast majority of a company’s personnel in the same room at the same time. These nights create an opportunity for management to clearly outline their visions to the company. Recognising outstanding achievements is of course always a strong emphasis on these nights. However, setting that benchmark for people to strive for through personnel who encapsulate what the brand stands for can be far more powerful.

Suppliers also play a role in these nights with many being sponsors of these awards night. These nights give a chance to showcase the companies which provide day to day support to real estate brands. Speaking from our own experience, we view ourselves less as simply a supplier but more of a collaborator. Dealing with different offices from day to day one naturally builds relationships and these nights provide a great opportunity to get to know people better in a less task driven arena.


From Left to Right – Seth Watts (CEO – NEO), John McGrath (Executive Director and Founder – McGrath Estate Agents), Tim Dean (Managing Director – Campaigntrack)

With relationships that have spawned decades we couldn’t be more proud of the brands which we have the privilege of collaborating with. Awards nights not only give us a chance to get to know the people which we deal with everyday better but to also understand what makes these brands tick on a larger scale. NEO is incredibly passionate about print and the role which print has in representing real estate brands in the best light. We do believe that print does play an integral role in how people on the street view real estate brands. In saying that, NEO is also lucky that the brands which we collaborate with are also passionate about the role of print. With that belief from our clients and in conjunction with them that’s how we are able to produce industry leading products.

Clinton Daley